We are Satellites Study Guide
We are Satellites Study Guide
This series unpacks seven core values, over 9 sessions, of the Christian life – with God at the centre – exploring whether this in fact is a much more fulfilling way to live.
The first session deals with the biggest question of all: is there really a God, and if so, what does that mean for my life?
What does it mean to put God at the centre of your life; and how can we really find ourselves 'in orbit' around him?
In this session, we think a bit about what it means that God wants to know us personally and how we can talk to Him.
Putting God at the centre of our lives means that the object of our focus has to be God – he deserves our devotion, but he also transforms and enhances our lives when we do.
In this session look at how the church is God's amazing plan to include everyone who wants to be a part of his family.
Explore how the Spirit is fully God, just as much as the Father and the Son. He is God, active and working in the world today.
If we take the Bible as a whole, few things seem more important to God than justice: the wrong things of the world being made right.
Jesus asks us directly to make telling others a major part of our lives as his followers; it's the Great 'Commission'.
Explore in this session how God gives us his creativity, so that we can play our own part in his remaking of the world.