Who writes the studies on Home Groups?

Our studies come from a wide range of authors, speakers, preachers and small group leaders, across the theological spectrum.

What is the difference between a series and a session?

Most of our Home Group studies are made up of a number of sessions on a similar subject or sessions that are created to be used consecutively over a number of weeks. The grouping of these sessions creates a series. You could think of a session as one week or evening with your group and a series as the topic you’re studying over a term or group of weeks. We also have a number of stand-alone sessions, these are often related to a specific event or a reflection of what is happening in the world around us.

If I’m not part of a Home Group can I still use the site?

Absolutely! We have a number of series or sessions that can be used as individual studies or within families.

Why do I have to register for an account?

Everything on Home Groups is available free of charge, all we ask is that you give us a little information about yourself including your email address. By creating an account you’ll have quick access to all of the studies you’ve downloaded and will receive updates of new studies added to the site.

Can I link to the site from my church or organisation?

We’d love you to tell people about Home Groups. Click here to see our image assets, we’d love you to feature them and link either to our homepage or any series or sessions that you choose.

Where do the images used on Home Groups come from?

Website photography: Courtesy of Unsplash / © SPCK

I have a series or session I have written that I’d like to submit?

We’ll shortly be adding a submission page but you can email editors@homegroups.org.uk if you have something to send in before the page is ready.