Prayer – Session Three
Prayer – Session Three
In this session, we think a bit about what it means that God wants to know us personally and how we can talk to Him.

In this third session take time to discuss how you tackled the challenge from last week.

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This week, take an area of your life where you don’t usually think of God being present and involved (e.g. a sports team, or hobby/interest), and ask him to show you that he is.

This weeks reflection

It might feel like a strange or even scary concept, but prayer is simply about spending time with God. In this chapter, we think a bit about what it means that God wants to know us personally – as uniquely-created individuals in whose lives he is fully invested. Prayer is the most natural thing in the world (even though it involves something profoundly supernatural), so it doesn’t need to be complicated or weird, or even happen at specially-arranged moments. When we pray God hears us, and sometimes he responds in amazing ways. Sometimes, though, he doesn’t seem to answer;
certainly not in the way that we hoped. Prayer isn’t always easy but when we miss out on it, we miss out on one of the most amazing aspects of being fully alive as a human being: the fact that we can talk with God.


Discussion Points

• What do you make of the description of prayer as being a little like a small child chattering with a parent? Does prayer ever feel like that to you?
• What do you think about the idea that God might speak ‘out loud’ to us?
• Have you ever experienced answered prayer? What happened?
• Have you ever prayed and felt like God didn’t answer? What happened and how did you feel?
• How and when do you pray? Have you ever experimented with different methods?
• What do you pray about? What else do you think it would be good for you to pray about?

Prayer Points

• Talk to God about a part of your life that you’ve never talked to him about before.
• If there’s something that you have stopped praying about because you felt there was no answer, pray for it again, and ask God to help you to understand why things haven’t yet worked out as you hoped.
• Ask God to inspire you to spend more time with him over the coming week.


This week, try to find a different way of praying. If you usually pray in your room, go out for a walk in nature. If you tend to speak your prayers out loud, try writing or drawing them.