Orbit – Session Two
Orbit – Session Two
What does it mean to put God at the centre of your life; and how can we really find ourselves 'in orbit' around him?

In this second session take time to discuss how you tackled the challenge from last week.

Previous Challenge Refresh….

This week, try to make a firm decision about what you think and how you feel about God. Where do you still have big questions? What is
stopping you from committing your life to God . . . or walking away from Him completely? At the beginning of the next session, see if you can sum up your relationship to God and faith in just a few words.

This weeks reflection

Having handled the most fundamental question of all, chapter two deals with that metaphor. What does it mean to put God at the centre of your life; and how can we really find ourselves ‘in orbit’ around him? We’ve all made decisions (whether we realise it or not) about the kind of life we want to lead and what we want to make our first priority. This section makes the case that if we really want to experience the fullest possible version of life – to squeeze every last drop of meaning and purpose that’s available – then that life has to make God the first priority. It is, the argument goes, the life that we were made for.


Discussion Points

• There’s a completely unchallenged assertion in this chapter that Red Velvet Cake is ‘the king of all cakes.’ Is this true?
• What are some of the things which people build their lives around? What’s at the centre of some of the lives you’ve observed? Do you think any of those things are a better or worse foundation for a good life?
• What do you think is at the centre of your life – and how do you feel about that?
• Do you think God is more interested in some parts of your life than others? Which ones?
• Putting ‘God at the centre’ of your life and seeing yourself as a ‘satellite’ around God might sound good… but what do you think that actually looks like in practice?

Prayer Points

• Invite God to show you what it might mean for him to be in the centre of your life.
• Spend some time thinking and praying about all of your priorities and ask God what he thinks about them.


This week, take an area of your life where you don’t usually think of God being present and involved (e.g. a sports team, or hobby/interest), and ask him to show you that he is.