Creativity – Session Nine
Creativity – Session Nine
Explore in this session how God gives us his creativity, so that we can play our own part in his remaking of the world.

In this ninth session take time to discuss how you tackled the challenge from last week.

Previous Challenge Refresh…

Evangelism doesn’t have to be scary! This week, having prayed for an opportunity to share your faith with someone, take the plunge and do it! Remember, the Holy Spirit is with you and doing most of the work, all the
way along.

This weeks reflection

God is not inactive. He is constantly at work in the world, slowly making ‘all things new’ (Revelation 21:5). The amazing thing is that he chooses to invite us to join in with and participate in his work – which we sometimes call the bringing of his Kingdom – and not along boring, fixed lines. He gives us his creativity, so that we can play our own part in his remaking of the world. Sometimes this is expressed through artistic gifts, and sometimes it’s through creative thinking. God has used some incredible people throughout ancient and recent history to bring creative solutions to the problems of the
world; people like William Wilberforce, who helped to end slavery in the British Empire, and Martin Luther King Jr, who played perhaps the key role in the American civil rights movement. They gave their lives to God, and he filled them with the creative ability to change the world and extend the Kingdom. And incredibly, God can use us in profound ways too, if we let him.


Discussion Points

• Do you ever think about God being the creative spark behind your favourite TV shows, games, music or movies? What do you make
of this idea?
• Do you think of yourself as ‘creative’? As you’re made in the image of God, the Bible says you are definitely creative. What do you think about that?
• What are some of your creative skills or gifts? How do you think you could put them to work for God’s Kingdom?
• What examples do you see of God-given creativity making a difference in the world?
• The book comes to an end with a list of Christian ‘heroes’ who used their creative brains to address huge issues. Who inspires you on this list? Who else should be on it?

Prayer Points

• Invite God to increase your creativity.
• Ask God to help you to see more of him in your creative gifts and skills, and for the wisdom to know how to use your creativity for him.
• Pray for people who you know who are trying to use their creative gifts for God.


Create a piece of art – it could be drawn, sculpted or written; it could be a piece of music or even a piece of junk modelling – and invite God to be a part of your creative process.