Knowing Me, Knowing You – Theology that Transforms (Session Eight)
Knowing Me, Knowing You – Theology that Transforms (Session Eight)
Session Eight looks at the series as a whole and offers a chance for reflections and application of lessons learnt.
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This final study offers an opportunity to draw together various ideas from KMKG, and perhaps to spend a bit more time on reflection, application and prayer. The brief conclusion to KMKG revisits the six theological keys to Scripture introduced in the book and encourages us to link our understanding of the biblical principles with our life of faith. As a group leader, you might want to ask group members preparing for this final study to note any questions of their own about what they have been learning, in advance of your meeting. This may help you to gauge where the studies have been making their mark. It may also give you some guidance on what, if appropriate, would be suitable for your group to do next.

Starter questions

Questions for discussion and application

Review and application questions for this series as a whole