Knowing Me, Knowing You: God overcomes sin and makes us his own (Session Seven)
Knowing Me, Knowing You: God overcomes sin and makes us his own (Session Seven)
Session Seven focuses on the theological key that God overcomes sin and makes us his own.
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This study focuses on the sixth and final theological key God overcomes sin and makes us his own. It includes discussion of God as the one who acts to save us, and of human beings who are both commanded and enabled to act like God in response. This is the ‘good news’ that corresponds to the ‘bad news’ of the previous study.

Unlike the other keys in KMKG, this one applies in particular to God’s elect, and depends on God’s free grace. It is worked out in the history of special revelation, even though it is planned out in eternity. This means we must refer to chrono-logic, and the biblical story of creation, fall, redemption and restoration, in order fully to account for it.

God is our Saviour. In salvation, by the trinitarian work of Father, Son and Spirit, God overcomes sin, and draws sinners near. Through this salvation, man is restored to full status as beloved sons and heirs of God. As forgiven sinners, we’re then empowered to live in newness of life. We become, ethically, like God, participating in God’s holy nature. In all of this, Jesus is our pioneer and pattern. In him, we are justified and sanctified.

God’s salvation has covenant relationship as its goal. To establish and maintain this relationship, God shows great condescension, pays a great cost, and follows through with great commitment. By his grace in Christ, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, he enables us to make a response befitting his own children, summed up as a life of worship.

Aims of study

Starter questions

Questions to review understanding and for discussion

Bible passage: 2 Peter 1:1-11

Suggested application questions

For further study

There are many excellent books on living out the Christian life in the context of the new status that God has given us in Jesus and the indwelling of the Spirit. An excellent start would be Sinclair Ferguson’s In Christ Alone: Living the Gospel-Centered Life (Sanford: Reformation Trust Publishing, 2007).