Knowing Me, Knowing God: Group Study Guide
Knowing Me, Knowing God: Group Study Guide
This 8 part series studies six theological keys to Scripture which help us better to know God and ourselves in the three fundamental areas of being, knowing, and acting.
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Session One is an introductory session looking at the theme of 'systematic theology' and how this impacts our Christian life.
Session Two explores the key of the creator-creature distinction.
Session three looks at the second theological key, in counterpoint to session two, that God has made us like himself.
Session four moves into the area of knowledge or 'epistemology'. How is it possible for finite human beings to know an infinite God?
Session Five focuses on the doctrine of God's revelation.
Session Six features the discussion about how our sin separates us from God and how this ethically effects us as humans.
Session Seven focuses on the theological key that God overcomes sin and makes us his own.
Session Eight looks at the series as a whole and offers a chance for reflections and application of lessons learnt.