These leader's notes explain the rationale behind the series and gives some pointers for leading the sessions.


Back in the 1990’s kids all over the world were wearing WWJD bracelets. They became a little kitsch and went out of fashion but living a life like that of Rabbi Jesus can never become kitsch. As a disciple of Jesus, He is the one that we must model our lives upon.  In this 10 part small group resource we will look at a different aspect of Jesus’ life each week. If we look at any normal given day of Jesus’ life, taking out the times He did his washing, slept and made a drink, we see 10 aspects of his life. He taught, healed the sick, retreated in prayer and associated with those seen as outside of the holy group. But He also cast out demons, prophesied, challenged power structures and spoke up for justice. In this small group resource we will look at the 10 things Jesus did on any given day and ask how we can become more like Him.

How does our day reflect the One we follow? Let’s find out and let’s make Rabbi Jesus our life’s blueprint.

How to Lead

This Bible study is designed to be used as a tool to get conversation going and allow  the group to share what they sense the Lord is saying to them through each passage. We  encourage you to pray before you  read the passage to  invite God to speak through the reading of scripture. We also want to help people engage with the passage for themselves, so before asking the questions given we suggest  you to ask the group:

Q. What jumps out at you?

Q. What questions do you have?

Asking these questions will allow the group to get talking, share what they see or sense. The second question allows people to ask the group  questions they have about the text.  Giving the opportunity for clarifying the scripture and addressing any confusion ensures that everyone is on the same page by the time we get to any of the study questions.

Consider putting in some small group guidelines.  When people share their thoughts, feelings and prayers they feel vulnerable.  How can the group be a safe place to share?  What will you do if people disagree in the group?