What Would Jesus Do
What Would Jesus Do
A 10 part small group resource looking at different aspects of Jesus’ life and asking how we can become more like Him.
These leader's notes explain the rationale behind the series and gives some pointers for leading the sessions.
As followers of Jesus we recognise that Jesus’ life is the template for us to follow but so often we end up looking very similar to the lives of those who don’t know Him.
Jesus spent much of his time teaching. He is known for the teaching of large crowds but he is also seen teaching smaller groups or one on one.
Jesus’ life is remembered for his teaching and his healings. It’s actually surprising how little Jesus teaches about healing.
A part of Jesus ministry was to pray and cast out evil spirits from those who were possessed. If you look at Jesus’ ministry, the impression you get is that this was a daily activity.
Jesus’ life was fueled by prayer. There is this clear rhythm of praying and ministering. Before Jesus sees any breakthrough, he first retreats into the quiet space to hear from his Father.
As He spends time with God, many things are revealed to Him which he shares with his listeners. Many times he does this in a marked way that only made sense once the event had happened.
If we are to look at the teaching of Jesus as a whole, we start to see the emergence of deep responsibility for every Christian to make the world a more ‘just’ place for all.
Jesus has no embarrassment eating with anyone. There was no one that he met that he was not willing to sit at a table with and eat a meal.
Jesus had problems with the religious systems and leaders. We see Jesus challenging the religious people directly and clearly in his teaching.
The role of the prophet is to speak truth to power and after Pentecost this became one of the roles of the church.