Tommy Twitchnose Explores Romans
Tommy Twitchnose Explores Romans
This series, designed especially for all-age homegroups, with members from babes in arms to great grandparents, is based on the fiction book, Tales of Tommy Twitchnose by Terry Waite, with links to the book of Romans. The activities and discussion points are designed to include all members, as they feel able.
This first session explores how Tommy reacts when he discovers that some distant cousins from London are planning to stay with him.
This second session explores how the mice all learn what it means to share the food they have with the poor church mice, who have none.
This third session explores how Tommy, the main character, learns an uncomfortable lesson when he thinks more highly of himself, and too little of his cousin.
This fourth session explores how Danny learns the consequences of his actions when he ignores instructions and goes off on his own.
This fifth session explores what happens when Tommy Twitchmouse’s son, Mike gets lost and needs to be rescued.
This sixth session explores what happens when the squirrel is caught by his own wrongdoing.