Story Bearers: Session Four
Story Bearers: Session Four
Session four considers the implications of the world in which we live, how it affects the way in which we see the world and how it impacts other’s attitude to the good news of Jesus.
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This session is about considering the implications of the world in which we live and considering how it affects the way in which we see the world and how it impacts other’s attitude to the good news of Jesus. It is a really important principle to consider that the fundamental principles of the Gospel never change, but the way in which we communicate it and the aspects we choose to focus on do.


By the end of this session group members should be able to:

Before the session…

Read: Story Bearer – Chapters 9-11


Reflect on the commitments made at the end of last week’s session. Allow group members the opportunity to feedback if anything has happened as a result of the decisions that they made. There might be none, but this is a great opportunity for an update and reminder.


Because this session is about the signs of the times, the ice-breaker quiz is an opportunity to guess the year of a number of historical events:

Death of Julius Caesar – 44BC

Magna Carta signed – 1215

Henry VIII becomes king – 1509

US Declaration of Independence – 1776

Battle of Trafalgar – 1805

The Titanic sinks – 1912

First football World Cup – 1930

Battle of Britain – 1940

The Beatles release Hey Jude – 1968

The first email sent – 1971

One Direction take part in The X Factor – 2010

Bible Reading

Acts 17: 16-34



Which of these resonate with you? How do these affect how we talk about faith?



Take a large piece of paper (or stick some smaller ones together!) and place it in the middle of the room. As a group take a theme of our culture, either one that has been discussed already e.g. influence of social media, anti-institutionalism or another one that comes to mind or is particularly relevant. Draw a line down the centre of the paper and on one side list the negatives of that cultural trend, or the aspects of it that need to be challenged or questioned, and on the other side list the positives of it and go further to ask how these present opportunities for the good news to spread.

For example – here is a possible negative and positive for social media:


Can make us compare our lives to one another. Can be addictive


Can provide free connection to people all over the world Can be a useful tool for spreading hope and good news

Response and Prayer

Take a moment to pray for the world. If you have a globe or a world map, this could be a really useful visual aid. Use the following to guide your prayers: