Story Bearers
Story Bearers
This small group series is about helping us become the most effective we can be in helping us share our faith with our friends. It is based on the premise that evangelism can be relational, natural and a lot easier than we might initially thought. And it is all about bearing a story.
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Story Bearer
Session One looks at how we all have a story to share and how we can share our story in a relational and authentic way.
Session two explores the implications of the key verse at the heart of Story Bearer, which challenges us to always give a reason for the hope that we have.
Session Three explores the need to be a good listener in evangelism, to hear people’s stories, ask good questions and find the connection points between their story and God’s story.
Session four considers the implications of the world in which we live, how it affects the way in which we see the world and how it impacts other’s attitude to the good news of Jesus.
Session Five helps us to understand the synergy between God’s initiative, our prayers and our action.