Session 6 – Real Community
Session 6 – Real Community

Bible Passages

1 Thessalonians 5:12-28

Aim of the Study

Greater commitment to live increasingly distinctive lives* as children in God’s family
Greater dependence on our faithful God, who provides all the resources for such distinctive lives*

*marked by peace, love, joy, prayer, praise, discernment, holiness and hope

Structure of the Study

If we look at the passage under the heading: “Family Relationships With…”, this structure emerges:

Discussion Questions

Recap… Implications of Jesus’ return for believers (& non-believers); individual Christians need to be ready (5:4) and keep each other ready (5:11).

Introduction… ‘Final Instructions’ (NIV)-
= apparently disjointed hotchpotch of ideas thrown together at random? Maybe not!

Starter Question: What do v12,14,25,26 & 27 have in common?
Implication: This concluding section is about ‘living as a family’…