Session 5 – Real Hope
Session 5 – Real Hope

Bible Passages

1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11

Aim of the Study

To dispel ignorance and encourage joyful anticipation of Christ’s return, esp. with regard to the issue of dead believers.

To encourage perseverance in distinctive Christian living, in the light of Christ’s imminent return and God’s eternal purpose for us.

Structure of the Study

Discussion Questions

Recap: perhaps remind them of the context of 3:10, “what is lacking in your faith”.


It seems Timothy has brought back one or two questions from the Thessalonians…
From Paul’s answer (v13-17), can you work out what their question might have been?(see esp. v13 and the ends of v14,15,16)

(To help you get there…
Who are “those who (have) fall(en) asleep (in him)” (v13, v14, v15)
How are the same people described at the end of v16?
From v15, what seems to have been the specific question about dead believers? )

(The ‘mechanics’ of it… Paul writes:
i) God will bring with Jesus… (v14)
and ii) the Lord will come down from Heaven & the dead in Christ will rise…(v16)
Any ideas as to how we can make sense of this apparent contradiction?)

5:1- 5:11