Session 1 – How to be a good friend
Session 1 – How to be a good friend
A study using Proverbs to look at the theme of how to be a good friend.

A Bible Study in Proverbs is not easy, because the proverbs are often fairly common-sensical, but they are meant to be chewed on and pondered, and a group discussion is a chance to do just that and think through their application to our lives. 

Before starting, listen to this talk from Vaughan Roberts  

True friendship is Close 

Read Prov. 18:24 

True friendship is Constant 

Read Prov. 17:17, and note the contrast with the fair-weather friendship of Prov. 19:4-7 

True friendship is Candid 

Read Prov. 27:5,6,9 

Read Prov. 27:9,17 

True friendship is Careful 

Read Prov. 16:28, 17:9, 29:5 

True friendship is Christ-centred 

Read John 15:13-15