Mental Health Bible Study
Mental Health Bible Study
This course is designed to help us to understand the complexity of mental illness and God's love for people who are struggling. This is a four part course of a wider resource by Imagine Christian Ministries.
In this first session we begin at the beginning of the Gospels, with the birth of Jesus, the theme of the incarnation and an introduction into mental illness.
This week we are exploring stigma and discrimination and a New Testament story to see how Jesus reacts to someone who is stigmatised by his community.
This week we are looking at one of the most common mental health diagnoses – depression. We’ll learn how God cares for and restores those he loves from the story of Elijah. And we’ll also talk about some of the causes of mental health problems.
This week we are looking at a feeling that everyone has experienced – anxiety. We will be examining what anxiety is and ways that we can reduce our own anxiety, as well as how to support others.