Living His Story
Living His Story
Living His Story is a seven part series based on the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent book for 2021, Living His Story, written by Hannah Steele. The series explores evangelism, inspiring participants with why evangelism is important and equipping them with the tools to share the good news today.
This session encourages you to think about how the first disciples heard and told Jesus’s story and what that means for evangelism today.
The session aims to increase your awareness of what God might be initiating in your life and your confidence to join in.
The session aims to embolden you and give you the tools you need to tell your story.
By examining the primacy of relationships for evangelism and the nature of Jesus’ conversations, this session aims to equip us to converse like Jesus did.
This session attempts to scratch the surface on the many ways that the holy spirit enables us to share the good news.
This session explores how we can share the good news by bridging from common references such as books and films.
The session aims to prepare you to share the gospel both ‘long and short’.