Jesus’ Final Week: Sunday II
Jesus’ Final Week: Sunday II
Session nine looking at the resurrection from the perspective of the Gospel of Luke.

Resurrection: Luke 24:1-43

Session nine of Jesus’ Final Week. The Easter hymns are some of the most glorious in the Christian tradition: “He lives, he lives, Christ Jesus lives today!” “Christ the Lord is risen today.” In some churches the Hallelujah Chorus is sung. We bring out the brass and our best soloists. Our praise teams and choirs have extra rehearsals to learn new music. We come early—just to get a seat—and wear our finest. It is a day of celebration.

Group Discussion

What Easter traditions in your church or family have been especially meaningful to you?

Personal Reflection

What parts of a worship service most cause you to praise God?


When the apostle Paul mentioned the resurrection of Jesus to the philosophers in Athens, some of them sneered. Some still do. And well they might! After all, such a thing just couldn’t happen. Or could it? Read Luke 24:1-43.

  1. Imagine you are returning to the grave of a person you saw buried a few days ago. When you get there you find an open pit and an open casket with no body in it. How would you react?
  2. Given the first-century opinion that the testimony of women was not worth much, why do you think Luke mentions them (v. 1)?
  3. Why does the first explanation of the empty tomb make sense to the women (vv. 4-7)?
  4. What was the reaction of the disciples, Peter in particular (vv. 9-12)?
  5. In what ways do you identify with Peter’s response?
  6. In verses 19-24 what did the two disciples reveal about their hopes for Jesus?
  7. Why do you suppose Jesus taught them out of the Old Testament Scriptures (vv. 25-27)?
  8. How did the encounter with Jesus affect the two disciples (vv. 31-35)?
  9. What evidence for the resurrection is given in verses 37-43?
    • Of what value is this evidence in the witness of Christ to the world?
    • Of what value is this evidence in your life?
  10. How would you like the fact of the resurrection to shape your daily life?
  11. How have you benefited from this series of studies on Jesus’ final week?


Christ is risen indeed! Spend time in prayer and praise for this

Now or Later

Lent is a time of intense focus on Jesus. If you have been doing these studies during Lent, you may have had increased spiritual growth or awareness during these past weeks. How will you continue to focus on Jesus in the next weeks and months? Plan for your next group study or quiet-time topic now so that you don’t lose momentum.