Just Leadership
Just Leadership
This three part study is written using the book, Just Leadership, as a guide for the themes and concepts. TBN UK commissioned a TV series around this book where the authors, Simon Barrington and Justin Humphreys, interviewed Christian Leaders about the issues of justice. As part of this study, each week, we will be watching a short video, taken from the TV series, which gives an overview on the topic for discussion and then commence a deep dive with some questions to aide discussion.
In this session we look at the first section of the book entitled JUST. If we want to lead with justice at the heart, we need to recognise that it begins with understanding who God is and then understanding that our leadership and identity is rooted in God and reflective of God. We also need to have relationship and relate to each other to lead with justice.
In this session we explore attributes and characteristics of a just leader. This session is all about your heart, your approach, and your posture.
This third and final session is all about how we can address the injustice more collectively in our world, churches, charities, and businesses.