How To Lead a Lifebuilder Study
How To Lead a Lifebuilder Study
How to Lead a LifeBuilder Study is a series of sessions that help those running a LifeBuilder bible study for the first time.
How to lead a Lifebuilder Study
Working out if your group would prefer to study a biblical book, character or topic.
Learn what an effective Bible discussion looks like and how to make it work for you.
Effective Bible study leadership demands preparation and this can be greatly reduced when using a guide.
How to introduce the study, start the group discussion, allow time for personal reflection and lead the opening prayer in a small group.
This session shows us how to be good facilitators of discussion by affirming the members of the group and encouraging them to participate.
How to get inside the passage by helping the group connect with it.
In this session the authors show us how to uncover the meaning of the scripture by using observation and interpretation.
The ultimate purpose of Bible study is not simply to educate us but to transform us. This study helps us to understand how to apply the Bible to our lives.
This session shows us how to help the group expand their prayer life in an informal way.
Five steps that will help you in making accurate interpretations of books in the Bible.
The complete text of the sample study from God’s Word for your reference, so you can see how the pieces fit together.