This is a seven part series exploring the theme of gratitude. Gratitude is our rightful response to all that God is and all that he has done for us. Let this series guide you through the Bible in a deep-dive into the topic.
This session reflects on the fact that God the Father and God the Son loved me so much, Jesus actually died in my place on the cross.
In this session we explore how we refocus on all that God has given us and on God himself with a heart of gratitude.
Explore how God's love is trustworthy, dependable and certainly worth giving thanks for.
Explore how we can be grateful for God’s sovereignty and that he allows us to play a part in his larger purposes.
In this session we look at how God uses suffering to draw us into a deeper relationship with him and the purpose of this.
In this session we look at how gratitude completely crushes our entitled way of thinking.
Explore how gratitude is more than dutiful obedience; it is a holy habit that is to be cultivated over a lifetime.