Session Two – Chapters Two and Three
Session Two – Chapters Two and Three
In session two we look at how the assumptions we make about each other can effect how we witness to people.

In this session we shall be thinking about how we come across as people who are sent to bear witness to the good news of the gospel; In other words, how we come across as Christians, given our divisions and the prevailing sense of mistrust that seem to govern our common life. The aim will be to get us to examine some of the assumptions we make about each other and about the faith itself, so that we can reach a deeper level of understanding which takes us beyond tribal thinking and allows us to see and hear one another as God sees us, in the fullness of our humanity.

Opening Conversation

Did you learn anything new about each other as a result of the last session? Did the conversation bring up ‘issues’? These don’t have to be related to faith itself. They could have to do with the way your church does things in general, what kind of services it has and whether you think these should be broadened to include other ways of worshipping. They could also have to do with leadership and with what, as Christians, we are asking of our leaders. Did you find any common ground? How did the meeting end? Did it give rise to discussion about ‘moving on’ with your faith as a whole?


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Key Points

Questions and Discussion Points

Being One in Christ