Session Three – Chapter Four
Session Three – Chapter Four
In this third session, we shall be focusing our discussion on the question of truth.

In the last session we began to look at how conflict and division in the Church occur across the boundaries of denomination and churchmanship. We looked at some of the key issues that divide Christians at present, and we sought ways of better hearing and understanding where those we disagree with were coming from. More importantly, our time together and our struggle to reach that point of understanding will have required that we open ourselves to the possibility of loving the other person, or group, not with our own meagre resources but through the grace we have been promised in Christ.

In this session, we shall try to build on the good things gained in our last meeting, as well as continue to address those issues and debates that are a stumbling block to us and to the neighbour with whom we disagree. But in this session, we shall be focusing our discussion on the question of truth.        

Opening Conversation

Try to pick up where you left off in the last session. If, during that meeting, you had broken through into new ground in terms of the group dynamic and your individual relationships, try to build on that, but also remember that simply being nice to one another is not a sufficiently strong method for reinforcing the bonds of peace. Remind yourselves in this conversation, that no matter where the discussion leads you, we all love and worship the same Lord.


Bible Readings          

Key Points

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