Faith for all the family
Faith for all the family
A study with 8 sessions designed especially for all-age homegroups, those who meet intergenerationally with members from babes in arms to great grandparents included in the mix.
This first session explores the way Jesus called his first disciples; ‘come, follow me,’ and how He calls each of us today to follow, from the very young to the very old.
This second session explores how we are all created differently and each of us is unique.
This session explores prayer, what it is, how and why we do it. There are lots of opportunities in this session to for the group to openly explore their own questions or queries about prayer
This session introduces the Bible; answering some basic questions about what it is and how we should read it,
This session explores what it means to belong to the church, in it’s widest sense. It is hoped that through this session, you will explore why it is so important to belong to the body of Christ
This session explores what it means to be ‘salt and light’ making a difference in the world. When we live as followers of Jesus, it makes a difference to the way we live.
This session explores some of the tricky issues and questions around the subject of suffering, looking honestly at what it means to follow God through the tough times
This session looks more specifically at what it means for us to share the good news of Jesus with other people; why we needs to share this good news and how we tell our own stories of faith.