Age to Age – Modern Times and Family
Age to Age – Modern Times and Family
This is a six part series taken from the Salvation Army Older People's Ministries Age to Age Study Guide. This series looks at the topic of 'Modern Times and Family' and is a discipleship conversation for faith in later life.
Discuss and learn how to pray for our family and the reasons why we should do so.
This session looks at how we can inspire the next generation by running with perseverance and fixing our eyes on Jesus.
As disciples of Jesus we need to learn to be loving of one another. This may mean that we try to see the world through a different lens, even if we do not always agree with the lens we are looking through.
The way we react to one another is important. Our human nature can sometimes be judgemental. Learn how to be more like Jesus in this session.
In the world we see so much persecution, hardship, poverty, sickness and injustice. Even something as universal as climate change adversely affects the poorest. Should we be content with seeing such things?
Families bring much joy but also can bring much pain as we worry about them. How do we let God help us with painful family experiences?