Work Around the World Supported by USPG
Work Around the World Supported by USPG
  1. Bangladesh
    Support for community health and development programmes.
  2. Brazil
    Training community leaders to become human rights advocates.
  3. Britain and Ireland
    Arranging training and world church placements for volunteers, clergy and ordinands.
  4. Finland
    Support for Sudanese and Syrian refugees.
  5. Ghana
    Health and poverty reduction programmes. Training of theological students.
  6. Greece
    Support for refugees, including women and child friendly spaces in camps.
  7. India
    Community health outreach.
    Leadership training for Dalit clergy.
    Women’s helpline and skills training for women and girls.
  8. Jamaica
    Community outreach programme.
  9. Lesotho
    Community development and community health programmes.
  10. Malawi
    Integrated programme with focus on girls’ education, health, income generation, environmental protection.
  11. Madagascar
    Leadership training.
  12. Mauritius
    Leadership training for clergy and laity.
  13. Myanmar
    Community health work. Training for clergy. Water and sanitation project.
  14. Pakistan
    Theological training support to provincial and diocesan staff.
  15. Palestine
    Support for Anglican hospitals reaching out to communities in the West Bank and Gaza.
  16. Philippines
    Church-based development programme. Post-cyclone housing reconstruction.
  17. South Africa
    Community development. Leadership training. Gender equality programme.
  18. South Asia
    Support for in-service theological training.
  19. Sri Lanka
    Support for tea plantation communities. Skills training for national church workers.
  20. Tanzania
    Support for health institutions and health work. Prevention of HIV
    transmission from mother to child programme.
  21. The Gambia
    Placement of chaplains and training for church leaders.
  22. Zambia
    Programme to tackle domestic violence. Community development.
  23. Zimbabwe
    Community development. National programme to tackle HIV-related stigma.
  24. West Africa
    Supporting the strategic development of Internal Province of West Africa.