Why Didn’t God Answer? – Session Three
Why Didn’t God Answer? – Session Three
In this session we explore prayer when it seems as though God hasn’t answered our prayer – and we don’t know why not.

This series is taken from Burning Heart who are an organisation who are passionate about equipping churches with high quality, professionally produced and theologically rich teaching films and series.  The Director is David Ingall who was the Rector of Holy Sepulchre London, an HTB Network church plant in the City of London.  For more information visit their website https://www.burningheart.org

For many of us, one of our greatest struggles in prayer is when it seems as though God hasn’t answered our prayer – and we don’t know why not. This session explores that theme. This can often be a painful and difficult subject for many, and it might be helpful to acknowledge and pray about that at the
start. You may want to use this prayer:

Father, as we explore unanswered prayer, we want to be honest that many of us find this topic hard. We don’t understand why you haven’t answered prayers we prayed and longed for, and why you sometimes seem to allow us to struggle and suffer. We lift up our disappointments to you now…(leaders – you may want to leave a short space here for people
to lift their specific struggles to God).
We ask that you would meet us, speak to us, and help us in our struggles as we watch the film. Amen.

Watch the Video

Prayer Time

Rather than jump straight into discussion after the film, we would encourage you to pray and wait on God instead – there isn’t a set an amount of time to do this, but suggest you take as long as you all need. If you don’t have time for anything else in this session, then that’s fine!

How you pray is up to you – but here are some suggestions you may find helpful…

Discussion Points