Keeping Pace with Change – Chapters Five and Six
Keeping Pace with Change – Chapters Five and Six
Explore the book and life of Nehemiah to help us learn to keep pace with change.
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Do you ever feel like you’re ten steps behind the trend? In chapters 5 and 6, we explore the honest reality of times of fast change and times of slow change. It so often seems that the places of our lives don’t move at the pace we would choose.


On page 81, I speak about a desire for change:

Many men and women in Scripture desired change: Eve desired a change in knowledge, Jacob desired a change in position, Moses desired a change in speech, Deborah desired a change from oppression, Solomon desired a change in wisdom, Esther desired a change to freedom. The story of Nehemiah is one that focuses on the reason for change, the prayer of change, the boldness of change and the importance of faithful companions as we change.

Much of the thinking I unpack in chapter 6 ties into the life and lessons we learn from Nehemiah. These three ideas continue to strike me as so valuable for our lives and learning with Jesus: be focused on prayer, be bold, and seek good companions. In Nehemiah 2, we see a clear example of the boldness of Nehemiah, and I’d like to pick up those ideas today. In your places of change (fast, slow, or in-between), these are a few of the ideas we learn from Nehemiah:

To close with some of the closing words of this book:

‘Remember me, O my God, for good’ (Nehemiah 13:31)

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