In what ways do we display the idolatry of magnitude in our own lives and in our churches?
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KEY VERSE: But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. (Matthew 6:33)

Ice Breaker: Did you ever go to a Christian summer camp or anything similar? What were the best and worst moments?

How has life been similar or different than you expected?

‘There is an idolatry of magnitude. … For things to be of value we believe they need to be impressive. They need to be striking, attractive, excellent, documented, recognized, notable, liked and tweeted about.’ In what ways do we display the idolatry of magnitude in our own lives and in our churches?

Are we called to be ‘history makers’?

‘We view success by the three R’s: Riches. Reputation. Relationships … We run hard for these markers of success. They can sometimes be unhealthy but often they’re good things. Either way, they will never fully satisfy. They will never bring the fulfilment we long for. Why? Because they are temporary and unstable.’ What do your behaviour, thoughts and decisions reveal about your view of riches, reputation and relationships? What have been moments when you’ve experienced their emptiness?

What stands out most to you from the story of Naaman and the servant girl? (2 Kings 5)

How have you struggled with comparison? In a moment when you’ve found yourself getting jealous have you ever tried to celebrate their success instead?

How easy do you find it to fix your eyes on the things above? In what ways can you do that more? How would a greater eternal perspective affect how you live your life?

Creative Moment: How do you want to be remembered? What would a successful life look like for you? Pray about it, write it out and then reflect on whether the way you spend your time, energy and resources reflect those dreams.

Next Step: Spend time this week thinking about the unshakable, unchangeable truths of who God is and who he’s called you to be. Ask him that those truths would sink deep into your heart and shape every area of your life.