MORE> Real
This study works alongside the book More Real providing reflection questions and can be used for personal or group study
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More> Real by Jon Brown



Read through the chapter and then take some time reflecting on the questions. Be as honest as you can and try not to skip the more awkward questions. You might find it helpful to write your answers in a journal.


The study guide works well in pairs or small groups.

Each chapter has an Ice Breaker, designed to get people talking before the questions go a bit deeper.

It’s worth having a Bible to hand as some of the discussions revolve around specific passages and stories from the Bible.

You know your group dynamics and needs so feel free to adapt the questions or add in new ones.

At the end of each section there is a Creative Moment and Next Step. The Creative Moment may take a bit of preparation (e.g. getting some pens and paper) and the Next Step is worth following up during the week.

As always, group discussion will be far better if people are open and honest. If you model this then you’ll set the tone and others will follow. Struggle with being open and honest? Read the Real Relationships chapter!