Leader’s Notes
Leader’s Notes
A leader's guide to using Meeting God in Mark as home group studies.

This series is based on the book Meeting God in Mark, authored by Rowan Williams. Each of the three sessions includes a lengthy reflection on the book of Mark and a set of discussion questions. The series is designed for Lent, but can be used at any time of year.

Making the most of the series

If you are planning to run this study during lent, it is recommended that you meet every other week. This will provide the time for members to immerse themselves in Mark’s gospel following the Lenten reading plan alongside reading the reflections.

The reflection contained in each session is a lengthy exposition of a section of Mark, splitting the text into three rough parts. The sessions explore the content of Mark, the theological questions the text poses and the perspectives of scholarship. To get the most out of the reflections, it is recommended that you circulate the reflection ahead of the session, asking each group member to read it ahead of meeting. Ask the group to come ready to discuss the reflection, noting down any questions they have and which sections they particularly enjoy.

During your home group, make sure to give everyone time to share what they thought of the reflection and to raise their questions before looking at the questions for group discussion. It is no bad thing if you never reach the prescribed questions. What matters most is that you and your group engage with the text of Mark’s gospel.

Because of the importance of reading Mark alongside the studies, if you do not follow the study in Lent, it is important that your group still engages with the gospel. Develop a reading plan as a group that will encourage everyone to read the gospel while going through the series.