Jesus’ Final Week: Sunday
Jesus’ Final Week: Sunday
Session four focussing on the triumphal entry into Jerusalem from the perspective of the Gospel of Matthew

Triumphal Entry: Matthew 21: 1-11

Remember Milli Vanilli, the eighties pop sensation? They were at the top of the charts . . . until it was discovered that their singers were lip-syncing. Remember Cabbage Patch Dolls? They were another eighties sensation that came and went one Christmas season. Popular acclaim can be fickle. This is session 4 of Jesus’ Final Week series.

Group Discussion

What are some short-lived trends you recall? Think about music, fashion, books and toys.

Personal Reflection

What draws people into following the latest trends?


In Matthew 21 Jesus’ popularity reaches its zenith. In the midst
of public acclamation he “occupies” Jerusalem, the capital of
the Jewish nation. As Jesus enters Jerusalem during Passover
Week, excitement is building and emotions are intense. Read
Matthew 21:1-11.

  1. Identify words or phrases that communicate something of the electrifying atmosphere in the city
  2. What might the disciples have thought and felt when they heard Jesus’ instructions in verses 2-3?
  3. How do you think you would have responded to such instructions from Jesus?
  4. Notice the prophecy in verse 5. What various levels of significance do you see in Jesus’ riding on a donkey?
  5. How is honour given to Jesus in verses 7-11?
  6. What different perceptions does the crowd have of Jesus?
  7. Describe a time when you have been swept up in a public celebration of Jesus.
    • What factors made this time significant?
    • How did it affect you?
  8. As you begin this study of Jesus’ final week, how would you like your worship to be transformed?
  9. When you think of all the trends that come and go, what does it mean to you to worship the Christ who stands beyond time?


Praise and celebrate the donkey-riding Christ who has come to be
our King.

Now or Later

In the next study we will see Jesus enter the temple with authority and deal with sin. To prepare for that study, imagine your heart as a temple into which Jesus walks, looking for the fruit of prayer. As he looks around, what does he see, and then what does he say to you? Spend time with this image and use it as a means of conversational prayer with God. Ask him what he would like you to do to begin to be more fruitful. Ask him where you can find fertilizer. Ask him what weeds need to be pulled out.