First Steps Practical Session –  Just Do It!
First Steps Practical Session – Just Do It!
In this final practical session you are encouraged to go out into your third space and practice what you have been taught.

Spend time in prayer and worship together before heading out. Cast out fear and speak love and freedom over the group.

Encourage each person to decide what they want their goal to be e.g. telling someone God loves them, offering prayer, sharing testimony, speaking a prophetic word.  Remember that we can’t manipulate a situation to fit our goal but can have it in mind, prepare for it and ask God for it. After the outreach, return to the base and get feedback.

Celebrate all that God did as a team.  Close with prayer and thankfulness.  You may also want to finish with a meal together to cement friendships and allow for longer time for people to talk about what they have learnt from the course.