How do Pentecostals experience the Spirit?
How do Pentecostals experience the Spirit?
Explore how Pentecostal spirituality is more than any of the gifts or any individual experience granted by the Spirit.

The transformative ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer is paramount in Pentecostal theology, church life and the personal experience of believers. Rather than merely be understood as, ‘a force’, the Holy Spirit is better understood as a person, a mentor, a friend – who is one of the three persons in the Godhead, equal to the Father and Jesus.

Pentecostal spirituality is more than any of the gifts or any individual experience granted by the Spirit – as Warrington states, ‘Pentecostals aim to know God experientially, whether it is via an intellectual recognition of his being, or an emotional appreciation of his character….Pentecostals embrace a spirituality that expects to touch God and to be touched by him’. Warrington summarises Pentecostal spirituality as one of ‘Encounter’, informed by reading and exploring the Bible, which Pentecostals, as well as other Evangelical Christians, accept as being inspired by God.

The Bible is the source of much that better helps us to appreciate the person and mission of the Spirit. So, for example, some of his titles are defined as follows in the Bible…. 

The Spirit who guides us also promises to walk with us on our journeys and stay with us in times of achievement and times when we fail. He sometimes leads us in green pastures, but also through the valley of the shadow of death. But even when the other end of the valley is a long way off, he promises still to be our partner on the way.

Resources needed 

Some questions for discussion  

The value of John 20:19-23 is at least fivefold:-

Which of these are particularly meaningful to you?

A number of different terms are used to describe the involvement of the Spirit with believers, though they are often used synonymously. For example, Stephen is described as beingfull of the Spirit (6:3); believers were filled with the Spirit (2:4) and baptised with the Spirit (11:16); Peter speaks about receiving the Spirit (2:38) who is poured out (2:33). How do these descriptions help us appreciate the involvement of the Spirit in our lives?

Read Ephesians. 4:30. Provide 5 different words for ‘grieve’ that help clarify how the Spirit reacts when we let him down. How does it make you feel that you can impact the Spirit in this way?

Gifts of the Spirit are

Which of these facts are worthy of being emphasised more today amongst believers?

Praise and Worship  

Use the below songs to enter into a time of praise and worship.

Something to think about and do in the days to come…

Writing a journal as you progress through this course will be a useful tool to aid your reflection, clarify your thoughts, feelings and chart your learning. Try to write regularly after each session. Here are few prompts to get you started: 


Holy Father God, we seek to know you. 

Through spiritual encounters led by the Holy Spirit, we seek to have a relationship with you. 

You are the One who parted the Red Sea. You saved Daniel in the lion’s den and you still do miracles today. 

As joint-heirs with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we cry Abba, Father, 

Holy Spirit, we acknowledge that there are times when we have not done everything you told us to do and we have also done things that you told us not to do. 

Forgive us.

Help us to listen to your Spirit every day, especially as we read the Bible.