Struggling with Judgement
Struggling with Judgement
A six-part film series filmed when David Ingall was the Pastor of Holy Sepulchre London. In it he journeys through Britain and the Bible to discover how a God of love can also be a God of judgement.
David Ingall starts a journey around London and through the Bible exploring if we’ve misunderstood judgement.
In this second session David explores how law courts and broken cars can help us understand God’s judgement.
In this third session David turns to Shakespeare for help in understanding how judgement may actually be a good thing.
From Jane Austen to Soho, David goes on an emotional journey to come to terms with God’s judgement in session four.
In session five David looks at banks, tragedies and Richard Nixon to help us work out judgement and the cross.
In this sixth session David takes a road trip to visit a famous medieval painting and asks whether final judgement is as bad news as we think.