Spiritual Detox Study Guide
Spiritual Detox Study Guide
If you feel distant from God, or others. If you’re burdened with guilt. If you’re struggling with shame. If your soul is in any way dry - these studies are for you. Over four sessions we’ll be recovering the neglected practice of confessing our sin to glorify God and increase our enjoyment of his great forgiveness.
In this first session we look at the power of confession and forgiveness.
In this session we will look at the theme of confessing our sins - about restoring fellowship, intimacy, nearness, with the God of joy, as we deal with our stink.
In this third session we look at how God is faithful and just. God is faithful. He keeps his word, so you can trust him to forgive you when you confess, every time you confess, for whatever you confess.
In this final session look at how God sends the legal guilt of your sins away forever.