Session 1 – Real Power
Session 1 – Real Power

Bible Passages

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

Aim of the Study

Greater assurance, in the light of God’s electing love and work
Greater gratitude to God for the gospel and its work in our/others’ lives
Greater work, labour and endurance as we continue to trust, love and hope…

Structure of the Study

Verses 2-10 are all one sentence in the original, but for the sake of the study, consider dividing the chapter up as follows:

Discussion Questions

Verse 1

Introduce with… This verse tells us who the letter is from, who it’s to, and what impact the authors intend it to have on the recipients.

It’s obvious who it’s from…

To what extent…

Verses 2-3

Verses 4-8

Introduce with… Paul has been giving the Thessalonians the grounds for his confident assertion that God has chosen them.

To what extent…

Summarise (via a sentence or Q&A) the grounds of Paul’s confidence, which should also operate as grounds for their assurance:
i.e. their reception of the gospel (v5)
their imitation of the mission of Paul (v7-8)

Verses 9-10

Summary Applications:

What are the marks of Christian reality?
turning (v9) in faith (v3) which leads to work (v3)
serving (v9) in love (v3) which leads to labours (v3)
waiting (v10) in hope (v3) which leads to endurance (v3)