Living an Authentic Life
Living an Authentic Life
Living an Authentic Life is a 5 session study course exploring discipleship and the world church by USPG.
Discipleship means different things to different people. One of the aims of this course is to explore more deeply what discipleship means to you and your church community.
A challenge for many Christians is working out how to put their faith into practice in a world that is often at odds with the practice of Christian discipleship.
Inevitably, as we go out into the world as disciples, we will encounter people with different attitudes, different beliefs and different ways of expressing themselves.
Disciples are not only called to reach out to the vulnerable and marginalised, but also to challenge political and cultural structures that lead to war, poverty and persecution.
Discipleship carries a cost. We are challenged in how we live and serve others, and we may even face attack on account of our faith.