Exploring Prayer with Justin Welby
Exploring Prayer with Justin Welby
Exploring Prayer is a 5 session, video based, free Home Groups study featuring UK Archbishop Justin Welby. It covers asking God, saying sorry and giving thanks alongside other prayer based topics.
This session offers an introduction to making requests of God and covers topics including why we pray at all, how we know what to pray for and how to make a start. It includes a short video from Justin Welby, some discussion questions and suggestions for response.
This session, including a video from Justin Welby, looks at the topic of lament, exploring some prayers of Jesus and the Psalmist, and giving some practical pointers about how to pray prayers of lamentation and protest.
This session covers the topic of saying sorry, sometimes called confession. It also includes a short video with Justin Welby.
This session cover thanksgiving and explores the place of gratitude in life with God. The session features a video with Justin Welby.
This session briefly explores the topic of wonder, how in prayer sometimes we just need to say wow. It includes a video with Justin Welby.