Homegroups: The Authentic Guide

"A key component to a healthy Church is the homegroup. This book is a timely arrival, to help reshape and re-envision us in creating healthy groups that will produce growth spiritually and numerically."

J John 

J John

Homegroups: The Authentic Guide
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Homegroups: The Authentic Guide is a straightforward, easy to read guide which provides you with practical tips and guidelines on setting up and improving your homegroup ministry. Throughout the book there are amusing and interesting stories to help illuminate the principles of homegroup leadership. This book covers everything from how to be an effective listener to dealing with an over amorous dog during the prayer time.

Is your church looking to set up a homegroup ministry? Are you thinking of becoming a small group leader? Is your church looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of its homegroup ministry? Are you a homegroup leader in need of fresh ideas and don?t know where to start?

Whether you are a homegroup leader or a church leader involved with small group or cell group ministry, this book is for you.

Topics include:

  • What is the purpose of homegroups?
  • How do you choose homegroup leaders?
  • How to care for your homegroup.
  • How do you prepare to lead a Bible study?
  • Worship and prayer in the homegroup.
  • How do you deal with difficult people?

Just a Thought...
Homegroups can play an important part in the life of the church,
helping to provide fellowship, caring, teaching and encouraging evangelism.